This site is devoted to the Honda 350 twin.

The CB350 was the highest selling Motorcycle in American history, shifting more than 300,000 units in its six year run. Add the CL350 and SL350 variants and the figure goes to 626,000! The CB350 had a twin cylinder, over-head cam, air cooled engine. It had two carbs, a five speed gearbox and an electric starter (except for the later SL's). It proved to be very reliable, even without maintenance. It was truly an 'everyman' motorcycle that appealed to a mass audience. It made 36bhp@10,000rpm, and weighed in at 370lb's.

My goal is to offer information for enthusiasts who want to restore, race but most importantly ride these fantastic bikes, be they CB350's, CL350's or SL350's. I've also included the CB350G, the disc brake variant.

The links below will take you to pages specific to the models listed. These pages explain the differences between the different models (K0-K5). During the time these bikes were made they were titled by the year they were sold not by the year of manufacture, so if a 1968 CB350 sat on the showroom floor for until 1970 it was titled as a 1970 CB350. This is why the model is more important than the year.

The links page takes you to sites that have clubs and parts sources.

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CB/CL350 Wiring diagram, (courtesy of smokeriders.com) [It's large 1565x2100 pixels and 280,194 bytes.]

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